Theatre (New York)

  • Harper Regan                    Harper            T. Schreiber Theatre
  • Dragon                                   Woman           Articulate Theatre Company
  • The Little Dog Laughed        Diane              Gallery Players
  • Bound                                     Violence         Spleen Theatre
  • A New Theory of Vision        Cara                Sanctuary Playwright’s Theatre
  • Sister Cities                            Austin              T. Schreiber Theatre
  • Picasso at the Lapin Agile    Germaine        T. Schreiber Theatre
  • First in Line                            Annie Moore   Hypothetical Theatre
  • Ellis Island Stories                 Catriona           Hypothetical Theatre
  • Lower Depths                        Nastya             Pulse Ensemble Theatre
  • The Baltimore Waltz             Anna                 Lester Martin Theatre
  • Raised in Captivity                Miranda/Hillary   Mary McArthur Theatre
  • Dancing at Lughnasa           Maggie              Lester Martin Theatre
  • Chekhov in Yalta                   Olga                   Mary McArthur Theatre
  • On the Verge                         Fanny                 Mary McArthur Theatre
  • Female Transport                  Nance                Mary McArthur Theatre
  • Midsummer Night's Dream   Helena            National Shakespeare Conservatory

Theatre (Los Angeles)

  • Sculptress Of Angel X                            Crystal             ZJU Theatre
  • 50 Hour Drive By Theatre Festival        Joey                ZJU Theatre
  • Refuge From The Storm                         Eileen Burke     Raven Playhouse

Theatre (Regional)

  • The Forgotten Carols           Connie Lou           McLean Productions (Cleveland)
  • The Phantom Lady               Dona Beatrice       Footsteps Theatre (Chicago)


  • Thanksgiving Dinner                 Gloria                            Will Pork Productions
  • Julia                                            Claire (Lead)                 NYFA Thesis
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic    Wedding Planner        Green Scarf Productions
  • Boon and the Balloon                Supporting                  Getz Productions
  • The Distance To                          Lead                             Hunter College, NY
  • More                                             Lead                             Hunter College, NY
  • The Blonde                                  Supporting                   College of Santa Fe, NM


  • T. Schreiber Studio, NYC--Scene Study: Terry Schreiber
  • Antaeus Academy, LA--2004-05--Acting: Jeannie Hackett & Nike Doukas, Voice: Rowena Balos
  • American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, NYC—Graduated 1998— AOS
  • Academy Company Member, NYC—1998-99—Certificate
  • National Shakespeare Conservatory, NYC—1996—Certificate


  • Charles Jehlinger Award (For Excellence in Acting)
  • Lawrence Langner Award (For Excellence in Speech & Dialects)
  • Harrietta Peterka Scholarship
  • American Theatre Wing Scholarship

Special Skills

  • Dialects (Any Irish, Any British, Polish, German, Russian)
  • Horseback Riding (English Saddle), Traditional Irish Folk Singing, Piano
  • Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai)